After Health Canada and the US FDA banned the use of BPA (bisphenol A) in baby bottles due to serious health consequences, particularly in infants and children, Nita Tandon knew she didn’t want those chemicals in her food containers either — especially with her young child.

So, in 2015 Nita launched Dalcini Stainless to provide durable, easy to use, toxic-free food containers. She wanted what was best for her child, and wanted it available to all young kids.

Free of Harmful Chemicals

These lunch containers are free of any harmful chemicals, such as BPA, BPF or BPS, which studies by Health Canada and the US FDA show are harmful to children.

These chemicals are linked to early-onset puberty, fertility issues, breast and prostate cancer, and are present in mainstream plastic lunch containers, lids of glass containers and even in some stainless steel containers in the market.

It’s important to keep these known toxic chemicals away from kids and these containers make that easy to do.

So, keep your kids safe with these stainless steel lunch containers that are as safe as safety can be: dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, oven-safe, and of course, child-safe!

Easy to Clean and Sustainable

These stainless steel food containers are great for lunch and are so easy to clean. The innovative seamless design with no tight corners ensures there is nowhere for food bacteria to hide. The containers also don’t contain any resin coatings, which over time, retain bacteria and odors and leach chemicals that harm human and environmental health. Wash them by hand quickly, or run them through the dishwasher for an easy clean without the stress of scrubbing off greasy residue from plastic!

One of the main health benefits of our stainless steel is the cleanliness. The seamless design without the use of resin coatings or exterior paint ensures minimal chemicals are being ingested with the food stored in them. . Unlike plastic, resin-free stainless steel doesn’t deteriorate over time and leach harmful chemicals into food. It’s a timeless, high-quality container to store food for generations to come.

You can pass Dalcini lunch containers onto your kids as they grow up and the quality will be the same. And to make that a promise, all our products have a lifetime warranty against rust , food stains or odors.

And there are even more benefits to using a resin-free, paint-free, plastic-free stainless steel container with no internal coating. Not only is there no no toxic chemicals leaching into your food, you or the environment, it is also infinitely recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable choices. A product without mixed materials can be melted down to create new products. Unlike paper or plastic that has 5-7 recycles before it ends up in landfill, stainless steel can be recycled infinitely. Our landfills could certainly benefit from less waste!

You may have heard that metal containers leave a weird, metallic aftertaste. That’s not the case here: that metallic taste comes from aluminum, which is also a metal, but it’s not stainless steel. Some stainless steel manufacturers, in an effort to reduce cost, have added aluminum to their stainless steel alloy. We have gone the extra mile to ensure there is no aluminum in our products, and that our stainless steel doesn’t leave any odors or aftertaste at all, even after years of use.

Single and unique

All our stainless steel lunch containers are made in India, by skilled artisans using centuries old craftsmanship, with skilled precision and pride passed down from generation to generation. The facilities attend to humane work standards, without any child labor.

Each Dalcini lunch container carries the passion of a skilled craftsperson, which makes each one unique! They are handcrafted, hand buffed, and hand folded. That means you’re eating healthy food from a container created with thought and care: a special gift to you and your family.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality container to store food, which you can keep in the fridge or pack your kid’s lunch for school, Dalcini Stainless is the right choice.

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