Spork (spoon + fork) - DALCINI Stainless
Spork (spoon + fork) - DALCINI Stainless
Spork (spoon + fork) - DALCINI Stainless

Stainless steel spork (spoon + fork)

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  • US FDA compliant food-grade stainless steel: this spoon and fork combo utensil is made with quality materials from start to finish; materials that don’t absorb food odors or leach harmful chemicals
  • 17 cm size/ 6.5 inches: full size fork and spoon, with compact design for travel and a premium weight for a little luxury with all your food -to-go.
  • Travel spork: pack this stainless steel cutlery for all those meals-to-go ; whether that’s hitting up a local drive-thru, a picnic in the park, or on your next foreign travel adventure. Convenient eating without the chemicals, without the waste!
  • Dishwasher safe: once you’re done with your meal, put this spork in the dishwasher and call it a day

This stainless steel travel spork is perfect to take on any adventure, including daily lunch to school or the office! .

6.5 inches in length, it's the ideal size for comfortable, non-cramped eating — yet small enough to fit into a lunch bag, travel kit, purse or pocket. Even kids can eat comfortably with this spork!

And unlike plastic and disposable cutlery, this spork is eco-friendly and infinitely recyclable. At end of life, it is melted down to make stainless steel sheets that go on to create new products. This product comes with a  lifetime warranty against rust , food stains or odors. Consider this spork like a trusted friend, that accompanies you for a lifetime of meals, instead of being discarded like a plastic spork after just one salad.

Oh, and in case you’re looking for a storage solution for this spork, check out the stainless steel travel kit. Or https://dalcinistainless.com/products/cutlery-kit  

It comes with 4 containers for the spork, beauty & hygiene products, medications, and more!

Dalcini Stainless products are handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, which means your stainless steel products are manually folded and buffed with pride and never dipped in chemical baths for that signature shine. Safe. Simple. Sustainable.

Customer Reviews

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Jalpa Naik
Overall good, need kid friendly option!

This is overall good. I bought it to include for my kids lunch so that way he can use either a fork or spoon depending on his lunch. However, I feel it may be a bit pointy and am worried he may poke and hurt himself (he’s 5). I have a kid friendly stainless steel utensil set and the fork tong is a bit more rounded and the not so long and pointed, wondering if a kid friendly style of this would work better. It may be an option for Dalcini to add to their line? This though is absolutely great for traveling etc so am still definitely keeping it :-). I also love all the containers I have and use them daily for my kid’s lunch and snack.

Alex Murray

I love a good double-use item, so I've always been a big fan of the spork, and Dalcini has one of the best ones out there. The main reason is that it's made with beautiful but sturdy stainless steel.


This utensil is much bigger (approx 17cm) and heavier (approx 50g) than I expected - but in the best way! This was part of my first ever Dalcini purchase and I couldn't be happier. The tongs of the fork are long and easy to eat with (I usually have to fight with plastic forks to eat a salad!) Amazing quality and it's beautiful too!

Sara White

Thank you so much for coming out with these sporks! My boys absolutely love them and it’s easier for them to keep track of one utensil rather than two! They also compliment the rest of our products that we have purchased from Dalcini- all of which are amazing and of the highest quality. We are on year 2 with our containers and are LOVING them.❤️