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Food Storage reinvented

Welcome to Dalcini Stainless, where we prioritize your health and the planet. Our eco-friendly, chemical-free stainless steel kitchenware is designed for a lifetime of safe, sustainable use. Enjoy the perfect blend of modern elegance and environmental responsibility with every product.


Our Customers Love Our Containers

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We're so happy to be rid of plastic containers!


It washes well— be it by hand or in the dishwasher. And the various sizes are great for packing our children's lunches. We're so happy to be rid of plastic containers!

High Quality


I love these containers for my kids' lunch. The lid has a deep grove that prevents it from coming off. And they're so sturdy. My kids have already dropped them as expected, but no dents.

My butcher approves it!


When I went to my butcher with it to fill it, I got a compliment from him. He approved the container and says the material is best to limit cross-contamination.

4-Tier Stacked Food Carrier | Stainless Steel Classic Tiffin Style Lunch BoxCharcuterie Bento | Take out containerSandwich Square | #1 Best-Selling ContainerStainless Steel Cups (300 mL)5-Piece Straw Set | Stainless Steel Straws Multi-Pack

Food-grade stainless steel


Our products are made with the highest quality of FDA-compliant, food-grade stainless steel without any plastic, paints, dyes or coatings. No PFAS, BPA, microplastics or metallic taste. Clean tastes good!

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Hormone-disrupting chemicals and microplastics end up in your food when stored in plastic.
BPA (bisphenolA), which can be harmful to humans, leaches 55 times faster from plastic than from steel.
91% of plastic is not recycled (including recyclable plastic).
Plastic takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Every bit of plastic ever created still exists in our world today.

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