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Lunch for One | High-Quality Stainless Steel Food Storage2-Piece Lunch Set | Top Stainless Steel Storage Set10-piece Lunch Starter Set | Best-Selling BundleLarge 3-Section Square Plate | Stainless Steel Divided TraySmall 3-Section Plate | Kid-Friendly Divided Tray

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A circular economy

Dalcini Stainless kitchenware are beautiful, practical and they're built to last! And at end of life, our 'all stainless design' (no plastic lids, paint, dyes, resins or other mixed materials), the products can be heated at very high temperatures to create stainless steel sheets which are then used to create new stainless steel goods, This cycle can be repeated infinitely- a circular economy!

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Why are we committed to changing food storage:

Food packaging and food storage containers are the leading category of waste in landfills.

Food storage that leaches or shed microplastics is the primary route of entry into our bodies. We are eating and drinking hormone-disrupting chemicals unknowingly with the contents stored in them!

BPA leaches from plastic 55 times faster in heat . When food is in them, or even when used post heat, the leached chemicals transfers to the food stored in them. We think it's time for containers to be safe in sunlight and dishwashers without the worry of leaching chemicals!

91% of plastic is not recycled.

Plastic takes up to 1000 years to decompose.

Every bit of plastic ever created still exists in our world today.

That's why we've made it our mission to create food storage that is safe, simple, and sustainable .