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The Dalcini lunch box container and the little snackers are the perfect size, so easy to clean and (bonus!) dishwasher safe.

Nathalie H.

Its quality is amazing, the size fits my needs, their service is really good!

Rong X.

Stainless steel food containers should be the norm

Light to carry, easy to use, store and clean.Without any hesitation, I recommend them.

Delphine D.

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Dalcini Stainless

Are your kitchen cupboards  and drawers cluttered with mismatched, stained and warped storage containers along with colourful utensils made from plastic and other harmful materials? You’re not alone! This unfortunate situation has become  prevalent in households worldwide. While modern technology has blessed us with many time- and effort-saving appliances, ironically plastic remains the bane of our twenty-first century existence, eroding our oceans and our kitchen spaces with equal alacrity. 

These days, many food and beverage containers contain polycarbonate plastics, which are loaded with toxicants  that easily seep into our food.  These containers  quickly accumulate food stains and retain unpleasant food odor after just a few uses. And not to forget, plastic, microplastic and the chemicals leaching from plastic  is destructive  to the environment. Despite what some manufacturers may imply, with claims of  “BPA-free’ or ‘made with silicone’ science has shown that many still contain harmful chemicals, including cancer causing endocrine disrupters and lead based dyes. These unsafe chemicals are harmful to you, your family’s health as well as the health of the planet.  

Healthy, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable

Dalcini Stainless, the most premium brand of stainless steel food containers, addresses all of the aforementioned issues, making them one of the healthiest options available on the market today. We offer an extensive variety of kitchenware that is not only functional and eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, all our products are completely free of plastic and any other form of toxicant or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Plus our stainless steel food containers are made from high-grade, high-quality  stainless steel that is devoid of resins and dyes so it doesn't absorb or transfer chemicals.

Additionally,  our stainless steel alloy contains no aluminum, which is known to create a metallic taste and increase the risk of corrosion. Our non-magnetic stainless steel products are made with a thicker gauge , are handcrafted, and manually -buffed resulting in durable, chemical-free, aesthetically beautiful products.  And with no mixed material, our products are also infinitely recyclable.   (ie.can be recycled an infinite number of times to create new stainless steel products, promoting a circular economy)