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DALCINI Stainless steel containers

At DALCINI™ Stainless, we believe in safe, simple, stylish living.  That's why we've made it our mission to provide you with the safest, most durable, low maintenance, stainless steel food containers on the market.  

Our containers are made of high-quality stainless steel, the kind used in hospitals and commercial kitchens around the world for nearly 200 years.  All of our products are carefully designed with NO visible seams, NO tight corners, and NO complicated lips, seals or clasps (where harmful bacteria often get trapped). They are 100% plastic free (including lids, seals, straws) and best of all, they are 100% dishwasher safe (top rack or lower rack). 

Our sleek and simple design allows us to be exceptionally 'clean'.  We have intentionally chosen to keep our containers bare- no paints, resins or finishes which could potentially be toxic. 

Our products are extremely durable.  So durable in fact, that our products come with a lifetime warranty.  (see full warranty for details).  And when you're done using them as food containers, reuse them in so many other ways. Should you get tired of them, for any reason, you can also have peace of mind knowing that our stainless steel containers are 100% recyclable.

Oh yes... and one more thing....  you can write on them too!  Write daily messages on the packed lunches, label the contents or date your leftovers.  It's fun and personal, and a whole new way to think about your food containers.   

Go on... Give us a try! We know you'll love them!  


safe food storage

Safe.  Stylish.  Sustainable.