Stainless steel travel kits, containers, and straws for you to pack meals, eat out, and stay eco-friendly.

Our travel supplies include:

  • Stainless steel travel kit with 4 containers
  • Soap dish with space for a washcloth
  • Leak-proof, twistable containers for juicy meals (such as watermelon)
  • Stainless steel 5-straw set for you to drink cocktails without generating plastic waste

Eco-friendly travel meal containers

These stainless steel containers come with a lifetime warranty against rust, warping, stains, and odors.

That means that unlike plastic containers, these are food storage units that you’ll take on all travels during your lifetime. You can even pass them onto your kids and they’ll still be intact.

Also, stainless steel is healthier: it doesn’t leak any chemicals into food and the container remains odorless (even if you store fish in it).

Plastic containers are harmful

We already mentioned previously, but did you know that plastic containers leak many chemicals, such as BPA, BPF or BPS in your food?

These chemicals are linked to many health hazards, such as early-onset puberty, fertility issues, and breast & prostate cancer.

In other words, if you pack your meals in plastic, you`re running that risk — especially if you pack hot meals.

Stainless steel, however, doesn’t leak chemicals or absorbs them. That means it's healthier and it doesn’t get any funky odors or stains over time. 

Refuse discardable cutlery: use steel sporks and straws

One of the issues with eating out is disposable, plastic cutlery. Many restaurants (especially budget ones) use plastic to avoid spending time and resources with dishwashing.

But with a stainless steel travel spork, you can reuse the cutlery and avoid generating unnecessary waste. With a spoon in one end and a fork in the other, you’re ready for any meal!

And fancy a drink? Grab a cocktail or soda and drink up with a stainless steel straw. In case you want the whole family to be eco-friendly, you can get the 5-straw set.

Storage for beauty products and medications

One of the problems with traveling is packing so much stuff in plastic.

For many people, all their beauty products are chucked in a plastic bag, which goes straight to the bin as soon as they arrive.

But if you take your soap, toothbrush, paste and meds in a stainless steel container you’re avoiding all that waste every time you travel.

Our stainless steel travel kit includes 4 containers of different sizes that can be nested together for easy storage.

Our Story

Dalcini Stainless was founded in 2009 by Nita Tandon, who had just become a mother and was looking for baby-safe food storage.

What she discovered was a lack of plastic-free storage in the market, so Nita decided to start up her own stainless steel food container company.

Nita wanted to create containers that were healthy for her baby, but also durable and eco-friendly. So, she reached out to Indian craftspeople with centuries of experience in welding steel to create containers that last a lifetime.

Every Dalcini Stainless Steel container you purchase is uniquely-made by a craftsperson, which means no container is exactly alike. And since we believe in the quality of their work, we guarantee a lifetime warranty against warping, rust, stains, and odors on all our products.

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