10-piece Kids Lunch Starter Set - DALCINI Stainless
Dalcini Stainless steel lunch set
10-piece Kids Lunch Starter Set - DALCINI Stainless
10-piece Kids Lunch Starter Set - DALCINI Stainless

10-piece Kids Lunch Starter Set

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Looking to buy DALCINI™ Stainless steel containers for your child's lunch, but not sure what to get? This 10-piece set makes it easy with two of each container so you will always have a clean set ready to go!

Our awarding-winning stainless steel containers are easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, easy-to-store, and easy-on-the-environment too. These stainless steel boxes will make your child’s lunchtime convenient and will make cleanup a snap. With enough space for a full lunch in each set, your child won’t go hungry and their food won’t get squashed in their bag or smell of yesterday's lunch from a reusable plastic container. 

  • FDA compliant food-grade, non-magnetic stainless steel
  • No BPA, Phthalates, Aluminum, or resin coatings
  • Dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, oven-safe (not microwave)
  • handcrafted, manually buffed for shine. (we never immerse in a chemical bath for shine!)
  • No metallic taste or retained odors, even after years of use! 

Your child will be happy about the good food, and you’ll be happy about the healthy and environmentally-friendly product that is so easy to clean and store.

2x Bistro Box - fits a sandwich and a side
Size: 19 x 13.5 x 6 cm | Contents: approx. 750mL

2x Little Snacker - This container can be used on its own or placed inside the Bistrobox for a compact, one container meal.
Size:12.5 x 6 x 4 cm | Contents: approx. 300mL

2x Round Snack Trio - This nesting set of 3 snack-size containers is a great addition to any lunch bag. Fill them with fruit, crackers, cheese, or nuts.   
Sizes: (L) 10x 5.5 cm,  contents 300mL,   (M) 9 x 5cm, contents 200mL,   (S) 7.5x 4.5cm  contents 150mL

*Please note these containers are leak-proof, not liquid-proof, meaning they will securely hold fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc, but are not designed for soup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Erin Zekis
Exactly what I hoped

My only complaint is that sometimes the lids are a bit difficult for little fingers to open, and I didn’t realize that the largest cylindrical containers don’t fit inside the big box. But they’re insanely useful, beautiful, easy to clean, and resilient. I love them!

Chantal Melo
Thank you!

My kids love that their lunches and snacks come in these easy to open containers and I love that they are not plastic and do not have plastic components. I am so happy with this purchase.
My only suggestion would be to engrave names on them when ordering- as everything at school needs to be labelled.
Thank you!

Carla-Ann Rego

Really great lunch containers. They are easy to open for my kids and can fit a wide variety of snacks and foods. Great quality and washes easily in the dishwasher.

Katrina S

10-piece Kids Lunch Starter Set

Lisa MC
Love these

I purchased a couple of containers before buying the lunch set. I love them all. They go to school, weekend trips, fridge with leftovers, dishwasher and overseas trips . The quality is fabulous! They fit great together. And I will agree they may seem like an investment at first but if they last longer than the plastic or glass it is worth the money to me. I would recommend these products and I would definitely buy again! Love! Love! Love!