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Good purchase 👌

Good quality, worth the money; however, I wished they were spillproof.

Great container

I love all of them! These have been the best containers I’ve ever bought.

I love it

It's a great size. Fits a perfect amount of left over for at least two more servings.

Excellent quality and fast delivery!

These containers are worth every dime! Easy process to purchase and excellent quality!! They will last a lifetime!

Great product

I really enjoy these containers as they are safe and reusable but i would like if you can secure them when you close em. They don’t lock so you need to be careful when putting them in your bag. They open and it’s annoying because your snacks go everywhere. Maybe you will re design them

Excellent Containers!

Everything arrived carefully packaged (we ordered quite a few items). I was looking for plastic free containers for our kids and these are just what we needed. I love the varying sizes. Lids have stayed on and are super easy to wash. Has made preparing school snacks and lunch a much more pleasant experience. =O)

Great for snacks

Perfect for snacks or anything small and on the go

Fine containers but... .

Like the other containers these are very nicely made. I was disappointed because I thought the handles were removable. Since the handles are not removable, they make that bottom container pretty much useless, except to secure the others for travel.

love this product!!!! would highly recommend. Seems like they would last a lifetime

Quality Product

Love them but sometimes the lids would come off in the lunch bag. I love not using plastic and they wash up perfect.

Thanks for your review Sylvia. The lids should have a snug fit and stay closed during transit when it a lunch bag. Please contact customer service and they will be able to see why this is happening.

Stainless Steel Cups (300 mL)
Question - Lids?

I have not tried these but they look great and similar to something a childhood neighbour I had used. I was wondering if there are any lids with silicon for the matching straws OR a type of sippy cup lid for on the go/potential use for kids? Even a third party supplier recommendation would be great - thanks!

Thanks Dana! We're happy to hear you like the cups. These cups do not have lids, but there are plenty on the market that work well. GoSili is one brand we've used with success. We are not affiliated with them in any way. Here's the link

Love it!

Great size, great portion, quality product. I do wish they were more stackable (the smaller sizes stack on larger but if you have a bunch of the same size they seem to slide around a lot in the freezer fyi)

The only stainless travel soap container I could find, but leaves a little to be desiref

As the title suggests, after much searching, this was the only stainless travel soap container I could find online. The item arrived nicely packaged and it appears to be of decent quality. There are a couple of downsides. One, as others have stated, is size. It only fits very small soap bars. I use Dr. Bronner’s bar soap, which I don’t consider to be an overly large bar, and it didn’t fit. It would be nice if it were widened by a quarter inch or so. Additionally, the lid doesn’t fit that tight. I could probably tweak the metal a bit to get a better fit, but I don’t think I should have to do that. The rippled bottom is very nice as it prevents your soap from sitting in water and getting stuck to the bottom.

Thank you Jared. We appreciate your feedback We've shared it with our design team to see if a larger version could be created in the future. The travel size soap holder was designed to be compact yet also practical. We tried a number of standard soap bars such as Ivory, Caprina, Irish Spring which do fit, but we also understand that there are a number of larger sized soaps on the market. Your comment has been shared internally to evaluate the possibility of a larger size in the future.

Love These!

Bought 4 of these and they are perfect for patio weather. We had some guests over and used these instead of our regular plates. Great for informal light fare and easier to handle. We also use them as serving platters snd Charcuterie for 2. We like to serve dips and cheese in one plate and crostini,bread and nuts in another. Nothing gets messy and mixed into each other. Easy clean up!

Excellent product, amazing service, fantastic company!


I have been moving away from all plastics to glass and stainless steel for all my food storage needs. I love my glass but steel is a lot more durable and I really like that they have screw tops and not just a top that sits on top!


Friends came over the holidays and OOHed and Aahed over my new Dalcini items - great quality compared to others on the market

Love this

Beautiful and works! Good for my kids lunch and food storage - great product!

Stainless Steel Cups (300 mL)
great cups; please make a larger size!

i have been looking for a stainless steel cup that doesn’t have a rolled rim; these are great for kids; if they also came in a pint size (or at least big enough to hold a can of beer), that would be amazing

Christmas present purchase
No comments yet!

Great set so far

We've been using this set for about 2 weeks and really like it. It washes well, be it by hand or in the dishwasher. The various container sizes are great for packing our children's lunches. So happy to be rid of plastic containers. We've only run into one issue - a round container got "stuck" - nobody could open it until we ran it under hot water.

Great containers

Love these twist off containers and everything stays fresh. Clean up nicely too.

Tiffin Style Lunch Box

Great for storing left overs, meal prep. crudite, or taking on the road. Carry handle makes it easy to grab and go.

Lg oval with clips

All I bought are for Christmas presents and thus no comment now as they are not unpacked or used, as yet!

10-piece Lunch Starter Set | Best-Selling Bundle