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Perfect size - I was worried about the clips but they are great and hold strong.

Love these - excellent quality.


Just what I had been looking for

Poor customer service

A couple items had to be replaced as the originals were pitted. For this, customer service was responsive and a pleasure to deal with. The new items arrived and were also defective. I contacted customer service again and haven’t heard back. It’s been over a month and I’ve sent three emails now. I can’t find a phone number listed on the website. The number from Google is not in service ([****]). It’s a frustrating experience to say the least!

very easy to open

amazing product

Well made!

Used it at the food court and it was great. Would love to see a Thali version for take out, or other take out containers seen at food courts. Maybe build a sustainable take out collection at Dalcini. Thanks!


I like all the compartments, but if any of your food is even slightly moist, it will leak out the sides

excellent product

The section plates are great for toddlers and so easy to clean.

Quality made

The price justifies the quality, worth every penny❤️

4-Tier Stacked Food Carrier | Stainless Steel Classic Tiffin Style Lunch Box

A lunchbox essential that I can feel good about

This isn’t really a spork - but a spoon on one end and a fork on the other (unlike the weird hybrid spook/fork utensil that looks a bit like both but does a good job at neither). We have had similar reusable heavy duty plastic ones - light my fire spork - that were supposed to be dishwasher safe and BPA free. Not sure whose dishwasher they were tested on but ours melted them and/or the tines broke off after a few uses.
I like that my kids can use these and I can wash them without worrying about them getting wrecked or leaching “who-knows-what” into their food. I love them so much that I bought 2 for each of my kids and then one each for my husband and myself for camping trips. We put “stuck-on-me” waterproof labels onto the kids’ sporks to increase the likelihood of them making it back home at the end of the school day (so far we have lost only 2 in 3 years of daily use for 3 kids).


These containers are almost too beautiful to use! They look more like a work of art. I was looking for containers for storing homemade ice cream and they are the perfect size. Very easy to open and close and stack very well.

Great quality! Super practical!

My adult daughter has a disorder known as ARFID. To others it just seems like she is a picky eater but it’s more than that. She is very self-conscious about what she takes to work each day for lunch. This was the perfect Christmas gift. Super practical - her lunch stays separated and the stainless makes it impossible for others to see what she is eating. May sound odd but it’s made a huge difference for her.

Revolutionized Lunctime

Dalcini makes awesome products. I use my containers every day. I primarily use them for my lunches at work.

Great quality, very stylish!

Beautiful sturdy containers! I just wish the Dalcini website also sold the pens to write on the containers like I see in some of the photos. Are they dry-erase? The odds of me going to a store to buy markers is slim to none, but if I could add them too my purchase on this site I 100% would.

Soap Dish | Stainless Steel Soap Holder

Excellent quality, will buy more products.

Beautiful little containers!

I absolutely love these little condiment containers! Perfect for snacks for little hands too! Thank you!

My kid love these. Easy to pack and divide their snacks and lunches.

We used to use a wooden bamboo soap hold and it would always get mouldy. Not any more !!!

Love these straws. We can reside them over and over.

We finally made the change over to stainless steel containers and we couldn’t be more happier. Easy to clean, durable and non toxic.

Committed to customer service

Sometimes it’s the customer service after you purchase that counts. I had an issue with a container ordered some time ago. I sent them pictures and an email, they deemed it to be a warranty issue and sent a new one out. I love that it was handled quickly and efficiently. Specially considering they get used everyday.

It's the cutest!

I love it! It's perfect for my breakfast bars, fruits, and other little snacks. Easy to transport. Beautifully made too. Fits into the sandwich box! Thank you.