Stainless steel straw set (5 pcs)

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  • 4 stainless steel straws: surgical-grade metal without added aluminum (chemical-free)
  • 1 cleaning brush: eco-friendly brush to clean up your straws easily after a delicious smoothie
  • Carrying case: take these straws on the go, so you never order plastic straws ever again!
  • Odorless metal: stainless steel doesn’t absorb or transfer any chemicals. No aftertaste or smell
  • Dishwasher safe: put these straws in the dishwasher after a tough day and you’ll be ready for your next sip.

Do your part for the environment with this set of 4 stainless steel straws + brush for easy cleaning.

These straws are just the right thickness and size for any beverage, be it a soda or cocktail.

Carry them in the included case and you’re ready for any social gathering. From now on, refuse any plastic straw with peace of mind.

Every Dalcini Stainless Straw is fabricated with surgical-grade type “304” metal, which means no aftertaste or odors — it's the antibacterial metal that doctors use to treat patients.

Whether you're a smoothie lover, cocktail enthusiast, or simply want to be eco-friendly, this stainless steel straw set is ready for your next beverage.

Enjoy drinks the way you’re supposed to: chemical-free and without any aftertaste. Dalcini Stainless Straws are 100% stainless steel, unlike other companies that add aluminum to cut costs.

That means you’ll never notice that metallic taste in your wine or soda. It’s sterile — and unlike plastic straws, these don’t contaminate your beverage. 

And best of all, stainless steel straws are built to last a lifetime, unlike regular straws that go in the trash after just a single drink.

So, ditch the plastic and add to cart now for a change — one sip at a time!

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