4 Layer Tiffin Carrier

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  • Stainless steel food container: high quality food grade stainless steel that doesn’t leak any chemicals or odors into food
  • Pack 4 different portions: unlike regular lunch containers, with the Tiffin Carrier you can keep beans separate to avoid soggy rice. Same goes for tortillas and sauce!
  • Eco-friendly lunchbox: ditch the plastic and paper bags. This Tiffin Carrier comes with a lifetime warranty to carry food for the rest of your life
  • Handcrafted in India: This Tiffin Carrier was crafted by Indian craftspeople who have decades of experience welding stainless steel
  • Layer dimensions: 3 layers are 5.13 cm. diameter by 1.75 cm. height. The bottom layer is 13 cm. diameter by 4.5 cm. height
  • Total dimensions: 13 cm diameter by 15.8 cm height

The Tiffin Carrier is a traditional lunch box used commonly in India to take hot, homemade meals to the office.

This 4-layer model is built with stainless steel, which retains the heat (no need to microwave your meals) and allows you to separate portions easily.

Keep rice, beans, sauces, condiments, and snacks separate. No more soggy rice or mixed ingredients!

The 4-layer Tiffin Carrier is a sustainable stainless steel lunch container that you can use to pack meals for the office, a picnic, or even camping.

And unlike plastic containers, stainless steel doesn’t leach harmful chemicals in the food, such as BPA, BPF, or BPS, which are linked to early-onset puberty, fertility issues, and breast & prostate cancer.

So, buy this handcrafted food container made by Indians with decades of experience now — because it comes with a lifetime warranty against warping, food stains, and odors.

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