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Set of 3 DALCINI™ Stack Bowls

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These little bowls are so functional they’ll soon be your new favourite bowl. 

Use them in the kitchen when prepping ingredients for cooking, use them at the table as condiment bowls for guacamole, sour cream, salsa for taco night, as an ice cream bowl or as the perfect unbreakable toddler snack bowl!

DALCINI™ Stainless containers are: 

  • made with top quality food grade stainless steel
  • antibacterial, non-rusting, non-staining, non-odour retaining
  • chemical free (no phthalates, BPA, BPS /BPF (the replacement chemicals in many “BPA free” products.  No paints, sealants or resins
  • dishwasher safe and extremely durable
  • AND for added fun, personalize them with dishwasher safe stickers  or write on them with washable markers (not included)


The container dimensions: 4.25 inches Diameter x1.5 inches Depth

Holds 1 cup of contents


 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

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