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Set of 2 DALCINI™Square Containers - DALCINI Stainless

Set of 2 DALCINI™Square Containers

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Some people like circles and some like straight lines.  This duo is for you linear lovers!  

Perfect for snacks, lunch or leftovers, these 2 pieces can be used individually or as a duo to create an extra special lunch.  Oh, and if you're the organized type, you'll love that they nest inside one another WITH their lids for easy storage.  (note- the duo nest neatly inside the Sandwich Box too if you want to make it a trio!) 

Some ideas:

  1.  place your fresh salad in the larger square and accompany it with sliced chicken breast in the smaller square.  Easy assembly when you are ready to eat, with no wilted salad! 
  2. sushi rolls in one container, with green mango salad in the other
  3. pita wrap sandwich sliced in half place in the small container, and the larger one used as a bento box with fruit, cheese, crackers, dried fruit or whatever you fancy that day.  

The containers are:

  •  made with high-quality stainless steel; antibacterial, non-rusting, non-staining, non-odour retaining and extremely durable.
  • the container closes securely by pressing down with light pressure to form a tight seal and opens by lifting a corner with one finger. 
  • non-leaching  (no phthalates, BPA, BPS or any other replacement chemical often found in "BPA-free" products)
  • dishwasher safe (top rack or bottom rack)
  • can be written on with a washable marker or personalized with dishwasher safe stickers for added fun. (not included)
  • ethically manufactured in India.


Large- 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches ,  Small- 4 inches x 4 inches x 1.75 inches 


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