At Home Bundle

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With pandemic lockdowns, work from home, and homeschooling, we're all spending more time at home. And with more time at home, we're also spending more time in the kitchen too - Meal prep, cooking, storing leftovers along with the revolving door reaching for drinks and snacks.   Here's a bundle created for your at-home living- Housewares designed for simplifying food prep, food storage, portioned snacking, all with easy cleaning, and space-saving cupboard storage.   

This bundle includes: (19 pieces)

1 Bistro Box - great for storing deli meats, cheeses, leftovers, packed lunch

1 Square Trio - great for portioned snacks, storing leftovers, reheating food in the oven (hello leftover lasagna!)

1 Twist Top Trio (great for freezing berries for smoothies, portioned snacks, tomato sauce (without staining the container!)

1 Large Oval with clips- holds 8 cups- great for stew, chili, marinating meat, storing pre-cut veggies

2 Small Section Plates - use as a sectioned dinner plate, or for charcuterie style snacking

1 set of 4 cups (400ml) - for kids or adults, great for everyday use, or a fancier cocktail.

1 set of straws with a cleaning brush - great for thin or thick liquids, including smoothies or milkshakes.