How Hormone-Disruptors Creep into your Food and Ways to Avoid it.

BPA is a toxic chemical and it's banned, right? 
Not exactly.  Health Canada and the US FDA only banned BPA in the manufacturing of baby bottles. Granted, this is a fantastic first step but there are no restrictions on BPA in food containers yet. There is also no restriction on the use of BPS or BPF which are 2 lesser know hormone-disruptors used to replace BPA in creating 'BPA-Free' products.  This marketing tactic makes us feel safer, but studies show that we are not any safer.  
Here's a simple illustration to highlight which household products contain hormone-disrupting chemicals, how these chemicals get into your food, and simple ways to avoid it. 

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Teresa Jackson

Thank you for the useful information. But what options are available for microwave use? Sending leftovers to school that need reheating?
I have seen some glass lunch containers but I fear my child not considering that if she drops her bag or the container, that a glass splinter could be in her food. Or that the container will be busted before lunch and she will have nothing.

Any thoughts? Helpful hints? Also, does your sandwich containers keep sandwiches fresh? I didn’t read anything about the air tight factor. And will the lid stay on? Still thinking of the children at school with backpacks.

Thanks for your help.

I wish I had of understood more about plastic danger before now. I worry about any damage I may have caused to myself and my child’s life.

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