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Space Saving: How to Organize Your Fridge

These days, it can seem like there is an endless stream of new diet fads, ingredient swaps, and trendy foods to keep up with. Whether you are stocking your shelves with Paleo snacks, shopping for the whole family, or trying out a new meal plan, there is always one element of food preparation that never goes out of style – keeping an organized refrigerator.

No matter what you and your family love to eat, keeping all your snacks and ingredients organized is key to saving money and time as well as eliminating wasted space and food.

Learn How to Organize Your Fridge and Save Space!

Organizing any part of your home can help lower your stress levels – when all your possessions have a designated space, you can find everything with ease. Applying a sense of structure to your fridge in particular can have financial, culinary, and environmental benefits!

Keep reading to find out how to create your perfectly regulated and coordinated refrigerator.

Organizational Tools

Instead of just tossing your grocery store haul into the fridge in a free-for-all, consider applying some organizational strategy that gives each and every item its own space. The first step towards creating order in your fridge is using bins and containers to keep like items together and efficiently utilize the space. There are even some items you may already have that can be repurposed to get your refrigerator in tip-top shape.

One simple thing you can do to elevate your organizational skills is to purchase sliding bins with handles. Not only will this help you group similar items, the sliding bins will allow you to easily access smaller jars and other items that would otherwise be buried in the deepest corner of the fridge. Instead of excavating that last ingredient for dinner, you can simply slide out the bins and easily access everything toward the back of the fridge.

Take this idea a step further by organizing within the bins with stainless steel square containers like these ones by Dalcini Stainless.

Now if you aren’t looking to commit to a set of sliding bins, any disposable six-pack cardboard box can also be used as makeshift organizers. Storing similar-sized bottles like hot sauce and other condiments in the refrigerator door can often lead to the bottles falling over, rolling around, and increasing the risk of falling out or spilling when you open the door. Using a six-pack container you would otherwise throw away to keep bottles upright and in place makes it easy to avoid any condiment disasters!

If you are particularly excited about organizing your refrigerator space, consider transferring foods that come in plastic containers or bags – such as sandwich meat and shredded cheese – into matching, eco-friendly stainless twist-top containers that will impress even your most Martha Stewart-esque friends. (lunchbox container is a better shape for deli meat or cheese. Parmesan cheese and olives are good for the twist top containers)

Another effective organizational accessory to consider adding is a Lazy Susan, so that no items go to waste in the way back corners of the fridge simply because they are not immediately in view.

Use Dalcini to Help You Maximize on Space!

Finally, as any organizational maven knows, labeling is the golden key to successfully bringing order to any area of your home.

Writing the contents of the container and an estimated use-by date can do wonders when it comes to keeping your fridge organized, keeping track of the food you have, and cutting down on waste. If you can see at a glance what you have and when it will go bad, your grocery store trips will be infinitely more effective and you can save money by not buying extra of what you already have.

Preserving Your Space

Even with all the baskets, stainless steel square containers, and labeling done, your refrigerator could easily still fall into disarray if you simply have too many groceries. All of your hard organizational work could go to waste if the bins are overflowing with doubles of certain products or things that you will never even use – for example, that rock-hard lemon that’s starting to brown, chuck it!

Thankfully, there are ways to preserve your limited refrigerator space that will be an asset to your organizational goals.

Use a Dry Erase Board to Keep Things  Organized And Simple

The first thing you can do to save yourself time, money, and space is to keep a list of what you have and what you need.

Keeping these lists on a magnetized dry erase board on the front of your fridge or adjacent wall is the most easily accessible way to do this! This way, the list is right there where you need it, you can update it as soon as you realize something is missing, and all the information is viewable at a glance.

If a dry erase board is not your style, you can even move this information over to a digital source. Creating a spreadsheet is a great solution for anyone who needs to keep track of a great deal of products and ingredients. If you have a large family or find yourself cooking big meals often, using a spreadsheet with dates, color coding, and other fun technology can make keeping your refrigerator organized a breeze!

Spreadsheets can also help you pre-plan your meals so you use food in a timely manner without wasting food or the space it takes to store it.

Another digital solution to saving refrigerator space is to take a quick photo of the fridge’s contents on your phone that you can reference while grocery shopping.

Finally, one big space-saving solution is to make sure you are not refrigerating items that you do not need to refrigerate, such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and honey.

Food Placement

The final way to maximize the use of your bins and eco-friendly stainless food containers is to be sure you are putting each type of food into the most effective space in the fridge.

For example, it is prudent to keep dairy and eggs out of the door, as they are too susceptible to fluctuating temperatures. The bottom back corner of the refrigerator is the coldest spot, and therefore best for storing perishables. Reserve the top shelves for items that do not need cooking. Finally, keep meat on the bottom shelf to stop drips from contaminating any food below.

Minimize Food Expiration And Waste With An Organized Fridge!

Make sure to leave enough space between food items to allow cool air to circulate and evenly cool all of your fridge’s contents.

Lastly, to make sure you minimize food expiration and waste, place soon-expiring ingredients or leftovers front and center, at eye level, so you are drawn to them first. When you go shopping put new items in the back and pull older food to front so they are less prone to spoil and not be used.

Together, all of the above tips will result in a total organizational makeover for your fridge. They are meant to save energy, space, money, and food, all of which will ultimately benefit you and your family.

Dalcini Stainless products are known for their non-corroding, non-staining, non-porous, antibacterial properties that keep your family’s food clean and secured. The benefits of eco-friendly containers like the ones Dalcini Stainless provides for families extend beyond just your home, as they eliminate waste and do not use chemical resins in production.

Even if you and your home are already ultra-organized, Dalcini products can help preserve your food, let you transport lunches with ease, and improve the aesthetic of your refrigerator organization. If you are already a big fan of the brand and regularly utilizing our products, consider purchasing Dalcini Stainless gift cards for your loved ones so they can utilize awesome products like stainless twist-top containers in their own home!