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What's YOUR lunch style?

What's your lunch style? | Dalcini Stainless

I remember my school lunches very well. I’ll never forget because it was the same EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. A sandwich and an apple.  And if my parents really liked me that day, I got two cookies too!  It wasn't just me either. I remember the lunches of my friends —a different sandwich, a different fruit, and two different cookies. Essentially, the entire class had the same three things.

Step into an elementary classroom at lunchtime today and you'll see lunches have evolved!  Not just the variety of food contents, but the style of lunch too.  The truth is that what you send to school for your child is a combination of what your child likes, but also what you, the lunch maker, personally prefers.  

So, what's your lunch style?  Here are 5 unique lunch styles and some helpful tips to make them even better.  Do you have your own style, not listed here? Share with us and comment below!

1) The "Bento" Lunch

This style of lunch consists of creating distinct sections in the lunchbox and then filling them. Super easy right?  And to make it even easier than easy, prep and store your fruit, veggies, meat and cheese ahead of time.  Then just fill the sections and you're done. Easier than easy!!! This is also a good way to slide in a new food weekly for those picky eaters.  Try 1 new food weekly, surrounded by their fave foods.  

We recommend the Sandwich Box or the Lunchbox for the bento style lunch. Create your bento section by placing the Little Snacker within the Sandwich Box or Lunchbox. You can also use silicone muffin cups to divide the container.

2) The "One Thing at a Time" Lunch

This style is reminiscent of the traditional lunch. Eat your sandwich first, then your cookies, and then your apple (to clean your teeth of course)—classic. Some kids don't like an abundance of flavours in their mouths. They feel overwhelmed with the variety and would rather keep it simple, opening and enjoying one thing at a time.

We recommend the Twist Top Trio, the Round Snackers, and the Sandwich Box for this type of eater. This allows for the main sandwich and then an assortment of sizes and shapes to suit their favorite snacks.  

3) The “Predictable” Lunch

Some kids want to know what they are going to eat well before lunch time. These are the children that ask “what’s for dinner” before they’ve had their breakfast! A sandwich or pita are both great options for a predictable lunch, with a 1-2 sides.  Change up the contents of the sandwich or the snack, but keep the containers predictable!  This way they know which container to reach for to find their sandwich and which will have their grapes.  

We recommend the Sandwich Box with Round Snackers, or the Lunchbox with a Little Snacker insert, and use the same containers every day.  

4) The “Pinterest” Lunch

This lunch is colourful and playful—a visual masterpiece. Think shaped cheeses, fun themes and fancy fruits. If you’re looking to up your game and create those lunches that visually impress then this style is all you.

We recommend the Lunchbox with a Little Snacker insert for that large canvas feel, or the Square Snackers for a smaller canvas with a defined separation.  

5) The “With a Fork” Lunch

This style is for those who want a real meal for lunch. One full container of heartiness; a pasta salad with chickpeas and chicken, a Greek salad with olives and feta, or a leftover pizza with a side of fruit salad.   

We recommend the largest sized container from the Twist Top Trio or the Lunchbox with the Little Snacker insert to separate the side dish.

Making lunch memorable can seem like a lot of work, but with a little Sunday prep and some unique containers, your kids will be excited to hear the sound of that lunch bell!

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