DALCINI™ Stainless is an award‑winning Canadian company proudly creating a family of toxic-free and infinitely recyclable food storage containers and housewares. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and artisanally crafted using top‑quality food-grade stainless steel without the use of hormone-disrupting chemicals or the addition of aluminum. The ultimate solution for health-conscious, and environmentally responsible consumers. 

About the Founder

  • Nita Tandon

    Founder & CEO, Dalcini Inc.

    In 2010, Nita stepped away from her career in pharma/biotech and stepped into new role of motherhood. It was the same time that Health Canada banned the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. The US FDA followed with a similar ban but neither country has yet extended the ban to food storage containers. Nita wanted a chemical-free container. Equally important was the need for easy-to-clean and sustainable food storage. When she couldn't find what she was looking for, she created them. DALCIN™ Stainless was launched in 2015 and are the award-winning solution to Safe, Simple, Sustainable food storage.

Press coverage

SheEO® Venture Finalists, Canada
November 30, 2018
Top 25 Ventures Canada, SheEO




Stainless steel food containers should be the norm. Light to carry, easy to use, store and clean. Without any hesitation, I recommend them.

Delphine D.

Great product and customer service. The quality of stainless steel is superior to others I have tried.

Rosemary Ivic

The perfect addition to our collection! We are thrilled with our two piece lunchbox combo! I had originally bought one set in the fall and my kids fought over it so we definitely needed another! I love that the smaller container fits with its lid in the larger container so that everything is together.

Sarah I


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